Innovative Lighting Solutions

Sonaray Australia actively designs and manufactures innovative lighting technology tailored to your needs.

Lighting Audits

Sonaray Australia provides comprehensive analysis of existing lighting systems and components. Lux levels are checked for compliance. Precise measurement of space and luminaire quality ensure energy savings are accurately assessed. Our reports include light levels, luminaire recommendation and payback calculations.

Lighting Plans

We use DIAlux to provide accurate light level simulations to achieve accurate lighting plans prior to installation to ensure your expectations are met and comply with Australian lighting standards.


Lighting Customisation

Sonaray customises lighting solution to each client to find the best possible solution to the project requirement. We can customise everything including light frequency, lighting optic lens angles, colour temperature, power source etc. Just ask us what we can do.

Research & Development

Our dedicated USA and China R&D departments ensure our continued leadership and innovation of the world’s lighting technology.


We’re ready to solve any lighting needs or problems with our international team of full-time engineers dedicated to making Sonaray lights brighter, more efficient and environmentally-friendly.


Our dedicated manufacturing facilities ensure the highest level of hands-on quality control, worldwide distribution, small-scale custom product manufacturing, and competitive pricing.

Government Rebate Approved

A majority of our lighting products are approved for government rebates for Victoria, NSW, QLD for both building base and non-building base. This includes factories, wineries, car parks, sports stadiums, light towers and more. Contact us for more information.

The Major Parts of LED Lights
  • LED Chip – source of illumination.
  • Driver – supplies power to the chip
  • Heat Sink – disperses generated heat

The quality of each part will determine the performance, efficiency and longevity of LED lights.

Sonaray uses CITILED LEDs for all lighting products.

CRI (Colour Rendering Index)
CRI is the measurement of how natural colours look under an artificial light, as compared to sunlight. Actual sunlight has the CRI rating of 100. The closest approximation of real sunlight by an artificial light is CRI 98.
Lumens vs Lux
  • Lumens is the measurement of the total light being emitted, regardless of direction.
  • Lux is the measurement of light intensity (brightness) in a particular area.
  • The appropriate measurement to be used depends on your application.

For instance, when choosing light for a work desk, Lux level is the appropriate unit of measurement.

When choosing ambient light for a restaurant, Lumens is the appropriate unit of measurement.

LED Chip Innovation
Sonaray LED lights use COB (Chip-On-Board) technology for brighter, more efficient, more focused and controlled lighting.
LED has better clarity than traditional HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lighting.
Watts vs Lumens
Wattage is no longer used to determine the amount of lighting – Lumens is.
Minimal UV Emission
LED lights attract less bugs compared to traditional lighting.

We’ll customise lighting solutions to fit your needs.

We not only design, innovate and manufacture LED lighting products and solutions: we also listen to your specific and specialised lighting needs. Do you have questions about how our products can light your space? Or, do you have questions regarding custom or specialized lighting technology we can collaborate on, design and produce? Let us know- we’re eager to hear about your project!


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(03) 9315 1377


Unit 7, 21 Westside Drive, Laverton North, VIC. 3026 Australia


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